God Is Turning My Ife Around Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


GOD is Rich in mercyA
God who Is Rich in mercy is turning my story aroundB
Now allow me to turn the pages for youC
His love is greatD
Iam cutting off what I don't needE
Putting together what I needE
Goodbye to where I came from and hello to where I'm goingF
Iam not going backwards iam going forwardG
Walking away from disgrace to GraceH
Turning imperfection into perfectionI
I cannot be who I were and be who I want to be at the same time NoJ
I don't care what you say about me in my absence because darling I am in a middle of a turnK
I am too busy turning crises into an opportunityA
My mistakes my pain and my failures makes me strongL
Allow me to wear my torn clothes with a smile on my faceH
Because darling I also wear my pain with a smile on my faceH
Do I intimidate you nuckleheadsH
I don't know how to worship humanI
I know how to worship GODN
If You can't suffer with me before you can reign with me what good are youC
You cant take and not giveO
You want the benefits but you don't want the responsibilitiesH
Now allow me to turn the last pages for youC
I am still spinning forgetting all my pastP
Shutting down my enemiesH
Wrestling with the futureQ
Wrestling with what's before meA
And leaving what's not mine behindR
Iam spinningF
Iam in a middle of a turnK
I may not have everything yet but I have GOD and he is everythingF
Human beings comes and goesH
You can't depend on fleshS
But you can depend on GODN
All you have to do is let him inT

Moleboheng Kanono
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/21/2020

Poet's note: I wrote this poem for people out there who feel like giving up. People who have given up on life. I want them to have hope and know that there is hope and they can come out of every difficult situation.


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