Your heart is in my heart, carrying on along.
I couldn't survive without you wherever I go
If you go anywhere, feel my heart
Then you will realize how I am.

Fighting with all my possessions and life
To defeat from your love and embrace you
You always swim in my imaginary thought
As you belong to my heart and my soul.

Two souls but feel as one
I realize your love, seeing your soft spirit
No one is as beautiful as you in my thought
My heart adopted you as a queen.

Adopted as a beautiful lady in the world
Truly expressing that tickles my inner feeling
You gently float in my eyes whatever I do
As Like as floating duck on the water

The moon has its light, you have your own,
I perceive it with my poor eyesight,
I am profoundly sunk in your love
This innermost secret , unknown to others.

You're my sparkling star and my sky.
Wanting to touch you, as our genuine love
Our souls can never depart
Even though the water can be apart.

I wonder how we have become like this
This love will take us to the blue sky
Carrying your spirit with much delight
I'll forever carry on this way.