A beacon of strength, my mother dear,
Always by my side, always near;
A leader and guide, that's what she's been,
In all of life's journey, through thick and thin.

Her adventures have taken her far,
On boats and planes, to distant shores;
A woman of sacrifice, dauntless and strong,
Her love and care, a fire that burns long.

In the coldest of nights, she keeps me warm,
Her love molds mountains, reshapes every form;
She held my tiny fingers with tender care,
Guiding me through life, always there.

From the pain of childbirth, she bore me,
A mountain of strength, none could foresee;
Her shadow follows me, shining bright,
She's the only one I've known, day and night.

She lit my path, when I couldn't walk,
Supported me, through every block;
Fought for me, even when I was wrong,
A mother's love, forever strong.