A Mother's Love

A beacon of strength, my mother dear,
Always by my side, always near;
A leader and guide, that's what she's been,
In all of life's journey, through thick and thin.

Her adventures have taken her far,
On boats and planes, to distant shores;
A woman of sacrifice, dauntless and strong,
Her love and care, a fire that burns long.

In the coldest of nights, she keeps me warm,
Her love molds mountains, reshapes every form;
She held my tiny fingers with tender care,
Guiding me through life, always there.

From the pain of childbirth, she bore me,
A mountain of strength, none could foresee;
Her shadow follows me, shining bright,
She's the only one I've known, day and night.

She lit my path, when I couldn't walk,
Supported me, through every block;
Fought for me, even when I was wrong,
A mother's love, forever strong.

Mohammad Shafi Khan
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 04/22/2023

Poet's note: The poem mentions your mother's adventurous spirit, having traveled to distant shores on boats and planes, and her sacrifices for her family, being dauntless and strong. Her love and care are compared to a fire that burns long, keeping you warm in the coldest of nights. The poem speaks of the tender care your mother has given you, holding your tiny fingers and guiding you through life, always there for you. It acknowledges the pain of childbirth she endured to bring you into the world, and her unwavering support even when you were wrong. Your mother is portrayed as a mountain of strength, someone who fought for you and supported you even when faced with challenges. Her love is described as forever strong, lighting your path when you couldn't walk, and supporting you through every block. Overall, your poem beautifully expresses the deep admiration, gratitude, and love you have for your mother, highlighting her role as a beacon of strength in your life.
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