Kind like an angel
She comes unseen from everywhere;
Scarcely see through the bars of wrath;
Her wings are stretched in search of sincere soul;
The caged queen is singing for having me.
Ahem! The queen sings with fearful whisper;
And sound is heard from the distant hills;
Alas! She is with white covered feathers;
Hiding her face under bright white feathers;
Calling from hill to embrace;
The writer soothed her soul for grace.
Rotation revolves on rest and time pauses in walk;
Have seen flowers burning out of her lip warmth;
Morning air gazes to touch for eternal fragrance;
For I could help myself thinking of love I write you.
Her voice is of angels soothing to absent souls;
Repels Doppler and oscillates in heart beats;
Epoch forget for your presence to unveil your face;
When I am finding obsession being with her;
Enormous eras come into an end.