A Befitting Send-off Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Brothers carry out the autopsy gentlyA
That corpse was a rich man's residenceB
The carcass was never an ordinary bodyA
To be hacked and dug uponC
As though it were a piece of logD
Brothers be gentle and handle the corpse tenderly according to his wishE
Give him a sense of dignity and opportunityA
to let the whole world know thatF
no ordinary soul has been lostG
Brothers no part of his intestinesH
must be be given away to the starving VULTURES after the embalmingI
Behind the illusive pastJ
of this precious corpse was a real manK
who left hefty chunk of assets behindL
and arrows of wealth shallM
seize not to sprout upon themN
How he hatedO
the autopsyA
the cruel hands of the pathologistP
the embalmingI
the unfeeling hands of the morticianQ
BUT he loved the hearse andR
the comforting hands of the family membersS
who would come to devourT
food at his funeralU
Brothers it's a pityA
I am devoid of influenceB
To disengage this dictator's personaV
from its dry corpseW
I would have showedX
him the bankrupt nature of its dead hostY
Bankrupt both of life and in wealthZ
How awesome it would feelA2
To let him observe thatF
All the lifeless loser did a lifetime was to chase windL
I would invite him to laugh at its helpless corpse till the lungs hurt and ribs acheB2
To laugh at how the stolen wealth are of no benefit to the desperate carcassC2
that is now being buried in a hole dug by the poor VULTURESS
that all his life he stole fromD2
I would then end my storyA
With the darkestP
And possibly the saddest word I would think ofE2
About the follies of his life upon the life of the poor man that now seals his coffin and lowers it to the tiny graveF2

Michael Aete
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 08/02/2019


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