To M.i. (ii) Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Light breezes dance along the airA
The sky in smiles is drestB
And heav'ns pure vault serene and fairA
Pourtrays the cheerful breastB
Each object on this moving ballC
Assumes a lovely hueD
So fair good humour brightens allC
That comes within her viewD
Her presence glads the youthful trainE
Reanimates the gayF
And round her by the couch of painE
The light wing'd graces playF
Her winning mein and prompt replyG
Can sullen pride appeaseH
And the sweet arching of her eyeG
E'en apathy must pleaseH
To you with whom the damsel dwellsI
A voluntary guestB
To you Maria memory tellsI
This tribute is addrestB
The feeble strains that I bequeathJ
With melody o'erpayK
And let thy lov'd piano breatheL
A sweet responsive layF
Although the mellow sounds will riseM
So distant from my earN
The charmer Fancy when she triesM
Can make them present hereN
Can paint thee as with raptur'd bendB
You hail the powers of songO
When the light fingers quick descendB
And fly the notes alongO
Feel the soft chord of sadness meetB
An echo in the soulP
And waking joy the strains repeatB
When Mirth's quick measures rollP
This mistress of the powerful spellQ
Can every joy impartB
And ah you doubtless know too wellQ
How she can wring the heartB
She rules me with despotic reignE
As now I say adieuB
And makes me feel a sort of painE
As if I spoke to youB

Matilda Betham


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