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SuffolkArchives: Happy Birthday to Matilda-Betham Edwards, 1836-1919 Suffolk's very own children's author, poet, and novelist Find out more at the 'Women Don't Do Such Things' Exhibition now open at the Suffolk Archives Book FREE

temporal3: lub pe aati hay dua... I. “God make my life a little light” By Matilda Barbara Betham-Edwards (1836–1919) GOD make my life a little light Within the world to glow; A little flame that burneth bright, Wherever I may go.

In__Search: Alama Iqbal, wrote National Anthem for Pakistan, stolen word by word from Matilda Betham-Edwards, A British poet Nothing is original, not even Aasmani Kitab, all stolen, cut copy and paste technology also invented 1400 years back

KeswickMuseum: Have you had any adventurous countryside walks and encountered a stile too far? This illustration of Bertha Southey struggling with a stile was made by her friend Mary Matilda Betham, with the accompanying poem:

Poemas_del_alma: Matilda Betham-Edwards

LAWSONLaws17: "God make my life a little hymn Of tenderness and praise, Of faith, that never waxeth dim, In all His wondrous ways." (Matilda Barbara Betham-Edwards, 1836-1919).

susan1878: Matilda Betham was born at Westerfield, near Ipswich in 1836.

FrostRareBooks: “From over-sea thy brethren hie, Great England’s sons, not these home-born, whilst thou by thousands let’st them die Thyself, unharmed, the butt of scorn!” Strong stuff from Matilda Betham-Edwards in her 1917 collection of ‘War Poems’.

iskanderabad: Allama Iqbal's "Lab pe sati hay dua" seems to be reflecting in this poem. I don't know how this lady Mary Matilda Betham (1776-1852) adapted Iqbal's idea? Awagon in reverse?

IndoIslamicPage: The iconic "Urdu Prayer for Children " Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri Zindagi Sham'a ki soorat ho khudaya meri " Written by Allama Iqbal is actually an Urdu adaptation of English Poem written by British Poet Mary Matilda Betham (1776-1852), "Hymn for a little child" :

rhianna: Through Spain to the Sahara by Matilda Betham-Edwards

ReadMoreWomen: Matilda Betham-Edwards . English novelist, travel writer, poet and children's writer

HunainMehdi: Likewise entire لب پہ آتی ہے دعا from english poet Matilda Betham's "God make my life a little light" She was famous for writing children's literature.

GOpinor: TIL about Mary Matilda Betham, a brilliant writer cut short by the spiral of poverty. 1797

ynotddot: 4 of 5 stars to The Lord of the Harvest by Matilda Betham-Edwards

SlalumPublic: Through Spain to the Sahara by Matilda Betham-Edwards

NofeYOLibrary: Through Spain to the Sahara by Matilda Betham-Edwards

ChristianAmy5: In French-Africa, Scenes and Memories

Helensbooks: It must have taken her a long time to gather all the information about the women to write such an extensive book...

schpsych8: Choosing Passion Over Expectations: Matilda Betham and her Fight for Women's Rights

SILibraries: On our blog: Choosing Passion Over Expectations: Matilda Betham and her Fight for Women's Rights

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Saulat: Allama Iqbal wrote or translated Matilda Betham peom "God make my life little light" as "lab pe ati h dua" in his book and is written that it is inspired by Matilda Betham poem. So no need to criticise the beauty of his words.

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