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Mary Matilda Betham, known by family and friends as Matilda Betham (16 November 1776 – 30 September 1852),:143 was an English diarist, poet, woman of letters, and miniature portrait painter. She exhibited paintings at the Royal Academy of Arts from 1804 to 1816. Her first of four books of verses was published in 1797. For six years, she researched notable historical women around the world and published A Biographical Dictionary of the Celebrated Women of Every Age and Country in 1804.

Early life She was the eldest of fourteen children born to Rev. William Betham of Stonham Aspal, Suffolk and Mary Damant of Eye, Suffolk.:91 Her father researched and published books on royal and English baronetage genealogy. He was also a schoolmaster and the Anglican recto...
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Heart 48 I Love You 31 Love 31 Light 28 Mind 28 Sweet 28 Thought 27 Soul 26 Dear 23 Friend 22

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  • Suffolkarchives: happy birthday to matilda-betham edwards, 1836-1919 suffolk's very own children's author, poet, and novelist find out more at the 'women don't do such things' exhibition now open at the suffolk archives book free
  • Temporal3: lub pe aati hay dua... i. “god make my life a little light” by matilda barbara betham-edwards (1836–1919) god make my life a little light within the world to glow; a little flame that burneth bright, wherever i may go.
  • In__search: alama iqbal, wrote national anthem for pakistan, stolen word by word from matilda betham-edwards, a british poet nothing is original, not even aasmani kitab, all stolen, cut copy and paste technology also invented 1400 years back
  • Keswickmuseum: have you had any adventurous countryside walks and encountered a stile too far? this illustration of bertha southey struggling with a stile was made by her friend mary matilda betham, with the accompanying poem:
  • Poemas_del_alma: matilda betham-edwards
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Saulat: Allama Iqbal wrote or translated Matilda Betham peom "God make my life little light" as "lab pe ati h dua" in his book and is written that it is inspired by Matilda Betham poem. So no need to criticise the beauty of his words.

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