The environment is beautiful
so why should others damage it just because it can be useful
Deforestation to an extend should be a crime
afterall it is costing us a dime
Deforestation is killing plants
Taking and killing the children right out of nature's hands

Look at how much damage it amount
The cost is so high it can't even count
The trees and land are all crying out
but you don't care you still rip the out
They become bruised, mangled and damaged
leaving the area entirely famished

The Mining of Bauxite
all day and all night
Give the trees a bream to soak up the sunlight
Stop cutting down the trees
leave them in sight
Dont you see they won't even put up a fight

The tourism industry is making a ton
by living off the massive damage they have done
Destroying trees to make tourist attractions
all they care about are there patrons satisfactions

Deforestation is causing many risks
that if you could write would take up many lists
We know the world needs to hear this
so let's all join in to stop this crisis