Hurricane Gilbert was very drastic
Having debris blowing in the wind like plastic
The flooding of houses to your waistline
Not many people were left alive
In the raging storms,
Multiple items were being stolen
Most people don't even have a place to store them
Meat like foods were being spoiled
And with a low amount of money
The eating of tin foods was what they were now use to

No electricity nor water
Heavy winds being tossed around like a charger
The falling of trees on houses and blocking roads
There was no way to get around it
Most people dont have a place to shelter
Not even a tarpaulin could protect their head tops

Loud noises seeming as gunshots
Was nothing more than thunder
Causing people to blunder
And falter under their beds

Babies being ready to born
Mothers calling out for help
Police having to hurry to deliver the babies before they end up dead
What a tragic disaster to come aboard
Many places would now be unexplored
For there was nothing but rubble everywhere on the floors