Drop by drop

and they all die
rap-out wings cannot fly
fake -easing the pain

mind full of blame
hidden shame nothing is to be the same
too deep in the killing game

sinking in wounds you caused
last door to salvation are closed s
save me is heard no more
still your scream is scratching your core
Till it bleeds to death

and the aftermath is you are step closer to hell

Do love-you/">I love you enough
to keep you alive
Or should i let you go

to fly away

I dont feel worthy to keep you
near me on me
you can do so much better
i Cannot give you anything but broken mind
and a drain out heart without the heart beat
Death is all around me i am death

and who i was is gone
They killed her they are keep killing her
and it is all over
I wished it was completely over not just my mind , broken ,empty ,numb

life is just a bitter lie

They keep reaping her

killing her...


it is over you cant brake me, numb me
drop in drop
and the butterflies are alive!