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Martina Rimbaldo was born in September 1990 , lives and works in Croatia . She always wears a pen and a notebook in her purse in the case of a sudden inspiration in order to write it down . Her work is published in Nightingale &Sparrow ,Oddball Magazine , Ponder Savant blog , Poetry Museum , Dark Elements ,The sage cigarette magazine ,Spillwords com .Thruly you ,TheStreet Light press ,Six word stories,Poems,and Poezija noći ,Časopis Kvaka websites ,and her artwork is published at weekly blog of Royal Rose Magazine , her photographs are published in Bleached Butterfly and Anti heroin chic .Loves to paint abstract paintings , read religious books ,watch horror as well as old movies with Audrey Hepburn ,Sharon Tate ,Brigitte Bardot who happens to share her birth date and (ov...
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Martina Rimbaldo Poems

  • Rosary
    I say this rosary
    for me and you,

    on this Earth, ...
  • At Dawn
    At dawn,
    shadows crawl on the floor,

    at nightfall, ...
  • Your Presence Is Non-existent
    Your presence is non-existent in the rhapsody of my feelings.
    You are a void in the air intangible,
    I exist next to you only as black hay.
    I live next to a glacier waiting for a deadly blow and the evil fate of the Titanic. I sink into the dark depths, I stop only at the bottom of the sea path. ...
  • Butterfly (is He Meant To Live Or Die?)
    Drop by drop

    and they all die
    rap-out wings cannot fly ...
  • Unriquited Love
    Unriquited love is a stillborn
    Never took his first breath
    Never opened his eyes
    Never spoke a word ...
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