Poet Martina Rimbaldo

Martina Rimbaldo

Martina Rimbaldo Poems

  • 1.  
    Angels screaming
    Climbes up hill
    Enemy winning
    Cadaver stillness
  • 2.  
    Sleep forever

    Sleep forever

  • 3.  
    I'm sorry i could not protect you from the hands of evil that took you away from this world

    And you could give so much to it

  • 4.  
    Did you ever looked at the artwork
    And wished it was a reality ?
    Did you ever wanted to immerse in it ,and become onesss with a painting ?
    Did you ever heard the rytmic sound of poems in the poetry book playing only for you ?
  • 5.  
    The dreams escape outdoors when your minds winddows are opened by the eclipse of the dark , dance fashioned in vivid neon rainbow colors on the white walls ,get wrinkled on the object that stand inside your bedroom but can they come true … in the present time and place ?

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