Death carries the face of happiness as the funeral procession starts the hearse. The wooden, carved cover of your coffin hides the secret of your body. Pale, hardened, sculpture you are, what you once were, you are no more. Death hides the face of happiness .Behold! The church bell is now ringing louder. Towards the grave the wind carries withered leaves and flowers. The silky, purple fabric hides the folds under the black robe, from the glow into the darkness they turn . Not even your lacquered shoes have ever set foot on the ground, as if they were waiting for your last resting place. Death has the face of happiness. When the death costume rots, when, death, skin and flesh from each corpse peels off, then the bones will reveal their secret, which we have not seen in life, because it was hidden, by frowning and expressions. The man's bones at the site of the skull, always smiling. IN PLACE OF TEETH, A MAN LAUGHS FOREVER! DEATH BRINGS OUT A FACE OF HAPPINESS!