For Shay

Hello, good night.
Am I hearing correctly?
I’m doing fine.
Yes, I know to whom I’m speaking.
You’re not good at disguising your voice.
It still has a sweet, babyish sound.
How are you, Shay?
I haven’t heard from you for about two years.
What do you want?
Are you pregnant for that fellow?
Why are you calling me now?

Something must be wrong with you.
You couldn’t possibly miss me.
It’s too bad if you’re having second thoughts.
You want to come back.
What do you expect me to do?
I can’t just jump back into your arms.
My heart isn’t a plaything.
I spent many sad nights thinking about you,
And I tried to get you out of my head.
Now I’m moving on with my life.
Why don’t you keep away so I can forget you?
You really hurt me, Shay.

When did you find out that you still love me?
Was it before or after he dumped you?
Remember you left me for him,
Now you want me back.
I wish you didn’t call.
You knew how much I loved you,
And you think there’s a chance that I still do.
You’re right about that,
But it won’t work this time.
I’m so sorry, Shay.
It’s definitely too late.
I just can’t put up with your games anymore.