My heart feels so empty without your love.
I have a dull life in the absence of your charms.
We used to dream unrealistically together,
But you’re no longer here to share my fantasies.
Each day I look at the calendar on the wall,
And I count the days that you stay away from me.
I’ve borne many lonely nights since you left.
There’s no indication that you’ll return to me.
I can’t go any further without your love.
Time is slipping by fast and I’m pining for you.

It's a different world without you in my life.
You’re the lady whose lips I want to kiss.
I miss you every moment of my waking hours.
And I hope that you’ll soon show up at my door.
Tonight I’ll sit outside alone and stargaze again.
I get so depressed when I think about you.
Darling, treat my heart with compassion.
Give our love affair another chance for success.
Please bring back my happiness, Janelle.
I don’t want to live another day without your love.