I felt so good when her aunt acquainted me with her.
Thereafter I tried to persuade her to marry me.
I did not know that loving her would bring me glumness.
Now I am unable to forget her, it is just impossible.
She certainly is an unforgettable girl.
And it pains me to say that I should not have met her.
What good is love if it will not last for a long time?

I needed a long-lasting relationship, not just a fling.
And I erroneously believed she was the right one for me.
My beloved girl does not speak to me anymore;
Nevertheless I still love her from the heart.
She is worth loving despite the painful ending of our courtship.
And I would love her the same way over again,
Even if I knew it would have the same sad outcome.

I did not ask for money or material possessions.
Wealth and fame never appealed to me.
My desire was to charm the heart of a sweet little missy.
I wanted just one girl out of the billions of girls.
And she gave me the opportunity to love her.
My love for her deepened and I loved her immeasurably.
Now I think of the short-lived joys of our love.

Why did God not let her stay with me at least a year?
Love is enigmatic and no one can understand it.
There is no promise that she will ever be my wife.
And the years will not remove the grief from my heart.
My mind is unable to elude the memories of her.
I just cannot forget an unforgettable girl.
She is a cherubic being with an unforgettable love.