The author is composing a poem about past events
Her poem recaptures the romantic era of the 1950’s and 1960’s
It highlights the good and bad experiences of teenagers
The girls receive cards and flowers from admirers in high school
And the cheerleaders flirt with the boys on the football team
She recalls the magic of holiday camps, promenades, practical jokes,
And the impermissible house parties when parents are away
The first verse says boarders infatuate amid the excitement
Some popular figures make out on the back seat of convertibles,
And nerds always have trouble finding dates for the dance

Don’t you wish those memorable day were still here?
She tells us about the nights when teens are at the drive-in movie
The picture show evidently doesn’t amuse them
And before they know it, they start French kissing
The guys fondle the young ladies’ bosoms in the dark
And by intermission the restless patrons look so untidy
The sexy chicks quickly button up their sweaters
And the studs straighten up their sports jacket,
Then they rush off to the popcorn wagon for a snack
Or grab a treat at one of the nearby hotdog stands

The author writes about musicians, singers and songwriters,
People listening to R & B and rock ‘n’ roll on the radio,
Students vacationing in summer to have fun and relaxation,
Licentious girls hanging out with friends at night clubs,
Dancing, drinking punch laced with vodka and smoking marijuana
The third verse says audacious boys compete in risky drag races
And the crowd cheers as fast cars speed along the thoroughfare
You can imagine the result of such recklessness and carelessness
Sometimes they get hurt or get in trouble with the law

The poem makes those memorable moments sound so exciting
And no doubt the readers and the critics will agree
This young woman is indeed a remarkable writer
You’d think she was born in the 1950’s, but she’s 20 years old
She couldn’t end this poem without mentioning the gypsies,
The sorority, the graduation, the surfers, the roller skaters,
The deans, the teachers, the unruly students, the detentions,
The actors and actresses, the puppy love and the weddings
Oh, it sounds like when you’re watching a high school comedy