I do not want your counsel and advice.
Where were you when I was enduring hunger?
You were not there when I was thirsty.
When I was having financial problems,
You did not assist me in my hour of need.

When I was in pain and mental distress,
You were not around to sympathise with me.
I needed the comforting words of a friend.
You made me feel like an outsider.
I had to sit up in bed so I could keep breathing,
But you could sleep soundly at night.
I did not see you when I was gasping for air.

I felt that I was going to succumb to my illness.
And I had nobody to call out to for help.
You did not even try to find out about my condition.
I knew that you could not cure my illness,
But your presence would have lifted my spirits.

You do not really care about my well-being,
But you try to run my life with your beliefs.
And you want me to play by the rules.
You tell me what I should and should not do.
I do not think you can tell right from wrong.
This is not the right way to treat someone.