Nobody cares whether he lives or dies,
So he loses his reasons for living
The girl he loves doesn’t love him
She turned down his advances
No woman has ever returned his love
He feels as if he doesn’t fit in with others
And sadness is his only friend

He’s ignorant of the sting of death,
But he doesn’t want to continue living this way
Life without love means nothing to him,
So today he’s going to kill himself
He’s standing on the edge of the roof of a skyscraper
A gusty wind is blowing from the north
He’s trembling and his heart is beating fast

Gravity will quickly take him to the grave
And his sorrow will no longer exist
He doesn’t have anyone to tell goodbye,
So he won’t leave a suicide note
Everyone has turned their backs on him
He’s ready to jump to his death,
But he looks across the roof and sees a woman
She’s sitting on the edge of the roof

He had never seen such a weeping beauty
She writes something on a piece of paper
Then she puts the paper in her bag
He knows that she’s about to commit suicide
She gets up to jump off the roof,
Not knowing that someone else is there.
She spreads her arms as an eagle spreads its wings,
And then she closes her eyes

He calls out to her concernedly
She looks around with hope in her eyes
And he begins to walk towards her
She changes her mind at the last minute,
But the worst thing happens
She starts to lose her balance
He runs breathlessly to grab her limb,
But unfortunately, he’s too late

He freezes as he watches her fall to the ground
Imagine the thoughts going through his mind
She could’ve been the love of his life,
But the beautiful woman is gone
This adds to his reasons for wanting to die
He lets go of the parapet and falls like his tears
And he flies without wings to join her in death