Karita, you’re a lascivious woman.
You have a beautiful appearance,
But your mind is full of immoral thinking.
You frequent various nightclubs,
And you perform many unmentionable acts.
You certainly look like a goddess,
But you’re just a serpent in disguise.

You’re such an energetic young woman.
You twirl on the stage in a miniskirt,
Bend over and expose your knickers,
And gyrate to the music like a go-go dancer.
Some men go for the flirty type,
But loose conduct doesn’t amuse me.

Clearly, you’re a bad example of a woman.
You lure men into unfaithfulness,
You selfishly break up marriages,
And you cause wives to shed tears.
What else do you have in mind?
Although you have an appealing body,
I must resist you coz I love someone else.

You know that it’s a forbidden proposal.
I can’t do what you’re suggesting.
You’re more attractive than my fiancée.
Any man would like your physique.
The temptation to sleep with you is strong,
But I’m afraid I must disappoint you.

Karita, don’t say another word to me.
I can’t condone your flirtatiousness.
And I don’t want to hear your excuses.
You should change your lewd behaviour.
I know that you’re trying to lead me on,
So I’ll take my leave before you seduce me.