I won’t tell Christina what Ronny told me yesterday.
She mustn’t know how my half-brother feels about her.
Ronny is married, so I won’t speak to Christina on his behalf.
And I hope she doesn’t have similar feelings for him.

Ronny told me that he was falling in love with Christina,
But I won’t tell her that because I love her, too.
How could I tell the lady I love that another man loves her?
I’d rather tell her my feelings for her than tell her his.

Christina doesn’t know that Ronny is a womanizer.
I didn’t know that he loved Christina until he told me.
He doesn’t know that I desire Christina greatly.
I can’t tell him that I want to court her under the circumstances.

Ronny didn’t ask me to tell Christina what he said,
But he gave the impression that he wanted me to tell her.
Since he hasn’t said anything to her about it yet,
I’d better hurry and tell her that I love her before he does.