Did you cry when I told you goodbye?
Darling, did tears flow down your cheeks?
I wasn’t there to see your sad face.
We broke up by texting on the phone.
I knew how much you needed me.
And I knew that you didn’t want me to go,
But I ended our love in an unusual way.

I didn’t cry when I realised what I had done.
Darling, tears didn’t fall from my eyes.
Perhaps crying would’ve eased my pain,
But I’ve kept all the hurt inside since then.
Now I want to cry on your shoulder.
And I need you in my arms tonight.
Will I ever have the chance to hug you again?

Do you think of me when you’re lying in bed?
Darling, do you long for my company?
Do you wish we could start over again?
Every night I think of you before I fall asleep.
And I fantasize about being with you.
I broke your heart and I’m sincerely sorry.
Forgive me for the bad things that I said to you.