When did our promising love begin?
I first kissed your lips many moons ago
Age hasn’t changed my love for you
The moments we shared were like no other
Your happy mood amazed your mom

We becharmed each other’s heart
I felt the irresistible urges that you felt
But it was like an imaginary intrigue
The magic of love ended unexpectedly
How I thought it would last a long time

Losing you once was more than I could bear
How did I happen to lose you again?
It’s just too incredible to relate
Tears can’t help the sad reality that I face
This time I’m out of chances for good

I’m ashamed to say I felt better with you,
Yet I didn’t treasure the one I loved
Darling, I’m so sorry I hurt you
Even if circumstances keep us apart forever,
I’ll still reminisce about our love affair