For Normalyn

Baby, wait for love and it’ll come to you.
Don’t hurry because it’s not too late.
If you’re hurt, don’t be ashamed to cry.
I’ve been thinking about you since we met.
Make a wish and you can touch the sky.
If you were mine, I wouldn’t say goodbye.

Talk to me, baby, and I’ll understand.
Reveal the feelings that you’re hiding inside.
Make me yours and I’ll make you mine.
If you don’t love me, don’t lead me on.
Just talk to me, baby, and I’ll understand.

If I break your heart, I know you’ll sigh.
And if I kiss your lips, you’ll be in paradise.
I’ll tickle your side and make you laugh.
Just repeat my name and I’ll be at your side.
Come to me, baby, and I’ll cuddle you.
I’ll be the perfect lover you wish you had.

If you travel to Scotland, I’ll miss you.
I’ll send you emails and write you poems.
When you’re weak, I’ll make you strong.
Just think of me and you can carry on.
I love you and I’ll be there for you.
There’s no need to worry, don’t be blue.

Each day I’ll look at your beautiful face.
Hold my hand and you won’t be alone.
Accept my love and you’ll never pine.
I really fancy you and I hope you love me.
It hurts me when you’re feeling sad.
Love can last forever if we don’t let it die.