No, Sabrina, we can’t do this; it doesn’t feel right.
You have the sweetest lips and I can almost not resist you.
I was afraid that this would happen one day.
Darling, I’d known all along that you loved me,
But under the circumstances, I couldn’t do anything about it.
You were unable to conceal your feelings for me.

I noticed your body language when I was taking pictures of you.
You posed sensually with your back facing the camera,
Then you faced me and sat on the silver railing.
Never had I seen such lustful facial expressions.
The way you were looking at me told me what I wanted to know.
I didn’t have to wonder why you had that look on your face.

Darling, I perceived intense love in your brown eyes.
I couldn’t believe you loved me although that was what I wanted.
You were obviously aware of my secret love for you,
So you were hoping that I’d make the first move and kiss you.
I couldn’t tell you this before and you know why.
You had the same reason for not telling me that you loved me.

Wait, don’t speak; just listen to what I have to say.
You’re my niece-in-law, so I don’t understand why you love me.
Most girls your age wouldn’t desire a middle-aged man.
I don’t know any other girl who falls in love with her uncle-in-law.
Anyway, I’m not judging you, for I’m as guilty as you are.
We can’t prevent ourselves from loving each other.

You told your aunt that you wanted a husband like me,
But in reality, I was the man you wanted to marry.
I assume that’s why you’ve remained single until now.
Sabrina, although we love each other in a romantic way,
We shouldn’t start something that will cause us pain.
A love affair between us won’t work and we have to accept that.