The front door is closed.
Why are you holding back your love?
I’m here in case you need me.
Please let me romance you.
Lead me to your heart.
Baby, I’m outside your apartment in the rain.
I’m sitting on my motorcycle.
I forgot to bring an umbrella.
And I want to take off my dripping wet clothes.
Sorry to bother you,
But I could use a dry towel.
And if I'm not asking for too much,
Make me a cup of hot chocolate.
Look through the window.
And sympathize with me.
Don’t let me stay out here in the cold.
Please don’t hang up the phone.

Stay close to the front door.
And when you get tired of being by yourself,
Just open the door and invite me in.
Don’t pull the blinds.
Baby, please remain calm.
There's no need to be alarmed by my presence.
I'm not stalking you.
Don’t set your bullterrier on me.
I just want to be with you.
Don’t call the cops to arrest me.
You shouldn’t spend a rainy night alone.
Baby, I want to make you laugh.
I want to hold you like a baby’s doll,
I want to kiss you to sleep,
And I want to love you through the rain.
You’ve got good reasons to let me in,
So meet me at the front door.