Darling, let's get close together now.
And if you decide to stay with me,
Love will bloom beautifully each day.

There's no reason to doubt my love.
I’ve often expressed my feelings for you,
Yet you’re still wondering what to do.

No matter how far you intend to travel
Or how rough the way ahead may get,
Your footsteps I’ll follow wherever you go.

Whether you’re famous as an actress
Or insignificant as a housemaid,
It makes no difference to me at all,
Darling, I’ll accept you anyhow.

If your heart gets dull as a silent moment,
Don’t worry, darling, I’ll comfort you.
And when you’re tired of boredom,
Let me come and lighten up your day.

I’m jealous as an obsessive lover.
And I’m cautious as a serpent.
Don’t give your love to anyone but me.

I make sincere advances to you.
And you say unkind things to me.
But only your lips can satisfy me.

You’re as pretty as a wild flower.
Darling, I adore your witty smile.
I can’t conceal my affection for you.
And I think of you as my spouse.

Your touch is soft as a gentle breeze.
And as soon as I take you to my place,
I’ll caress your curvaceous body.

I hope you don’t mind my direct approach.
Please pardon my unbridle emotion.
Just consider my expressions of love.

I pledge that I’ll always honour you.
I’ll never break the vows that I’ll make.
My love will be with you along the way.