Baby, do you still love me despite my faults?
If there's a slim chance for us to make up,
I'd hold on to your love for as long as I can.
Our relationship wouldn't break up easily again,
And I wouldn't walk away from you this time.

I really should've thanked you for your love,
For responding kindly to me when I said hi,
For listening patiently to my stumbling words,
For giving me your consent to love you,
And for the many times you've kissed my lips.

If I could take you gently by the waist again,
I'd bring you close to my heart, dear.
And I'd show my gratitude for your love.
I can't live without seeing your smile.
I'm so used to touching your pretty face.

For the first time in years I'm so alone.
I'm so sad because you're not here anymore,
But my love for you just won't fade away.
I can't go through the loss of your love.
And I don't know how to return to your arms.

Baby, do you still have feelings for me?
I'll fan the flame and make it glow brightly
Even if it's only a weak flame of love.
I'll give you one hundred per cent attention.
And I'll do all I can to keep us together.