I have a direct question to ask the minister of national security.
What gives you the feeling that you are a better person than the ones whom you regard as criminals?
Since I do not expect you to answer the question, I will answer it for you.
Whatever label you give other people, you and your colleagues are the same thing.

I also have a direct question for other members of the government.
What makes you think there is a difference between you and the people whom you call wrongdoers?
I am certain that you will not respond to my question, so I will give you the answer.
Based on my observation, you will see the wrongdoers when you look in the mirror.

I will direct my final question at members of the security forces.
Do you honestly consider yourselves better human beings than the ones whom you say are gunmen?
I know that you will say to yourselves yes, but I have a different answer for you.
Your salary comes from taxpayers’ money, yet you exhibit the same behaviour as the gunmen.