My darling, the more time I spend with you,
The more I want your love and affection.
We get closer to each other as the days go by.
And I find contentment in your cuddly arms.

I have great respect for you despite your failings.
Your oddish mannerism does not bother me.
Come what may, as long as we stay together,
Our incomparable love will last until we pass on.

Liz, it is good that we are compatible lovers.
We strive to make each other happy all the time.
You take care of me and I take care of you.
And that is the way our love will always be.

The beauty of youth fades with each passing year,
But nothing can change the person we are inside.
I shall still love you when we get old and gray.
We will sit side by side in an antique rocking-chair.

No other lady has ever shown me such kindness,
And therefore I humbly accept this gift of love.
My darling, you are the source of my felicity.
I get so excited when you hold me to your heart.