All I want is just to hear you speak
Your sweet words bring melody to my ear
Say you love me one more time
And assure me that you’re my darling
Please give me another short kiss
Just a touch of your lips would be fine
Look right in my eyes, sweetie
And tell me that I’m your only lover

All I want is just to hold you in my arms,
To share this moment with you,
And to watch our love bloom beautifully
You satisfy my heart each day
And I love you more than I can say
I’m always ready to give you my love
Baby, cuddle me to your bosom
And let me feel the beat of your pulse

All I want is just to be with you
Nothing else on earth will ever do
Show me the things I want to see
Such as a cute smile and your love for me
I’ll do whatever you wish, my love
How I want this bliss to last forever!
I’ve waited patiently for one thing,
And that one thing is your love