If you don’t mind me saying this, you’re making a hasty and unwise decision.
You’re so confused and you don’t even know what you’re doing.

You’re not going to a better place than the place from which you’re coming.
What you’re running to is worse than what you’re running from.

Don’t take counsel or advice from foolish persons and destroy your life.
Think before you act and avoid doing silly things that you’ll regret later.

Be careful what you say to those whom you regard as close friends.
The ones whom you trust are the very ones who will hurt you or betray you.

What you regard as friendship is not genuine friendship; it’s just pretence.
Your motive for befriending others is just to ask them for favours.

You’re not satisfied with what you have, so you want more things.
But the things that you want are not always as good as you think they are.

You should show appreciation for the kind things that people do for you.
Don’t throw away what you have for something when you’re not sure of it.