For Renae

Some time ago, I wrote an article in the newspaper.
Renae read my life story in the weekly column.
And she jotted down my phone number.
She didn’t hesitate to send me a text message.
I responded favourably to her kind words.
And she called me at the workplace the following day.
She was a naive girl with a childish persona.
Although we never had a face-to-face conversation,
I formed an attachment with her on the phone.

She was in fifth form at a rural high school.
And she assured me that she was 16 years old.
I thought she’d be disappointed in knowing my age,
But she didn’t think I was too old for her.
In a short time we became very close friends.
I mailed her my picture and she kept it as a souvenir.
She sent me her photograph on Facebook.
And we communicated for over a year.
I enjoyed listening to her sexy voice on the phone.
And we shared intimate thoughts with each other.

She said she was lonely and she felt left out.
And I was glad to start a liaison with a teenage girl.
I wanted her to have her first baby with me.
Surprisingly, she didn’t reject my request.
But unfortunately it wasn’t destined to happen.
Her insolent behaviour caused us to argue frequently.
And she really didn’t know what she wanted.
She was so bewildered and predominately confused.
Although she was a hot-tempered girl,
Some of the things I said easily hurt her feelings.
She allowed society to control her life.
I tolerated her rudeness because I needed a child.
And she was my only hope for happiness.

We derived gratification from each other’s voice.
And we had good times and bad times.
One night she rang me when she was taking a shower.
She came out of the bath and stood on the rug.
I spoke to her as she dried her body with a towel.
Then she put on a T-shirt and went to her room.
I asked her the colour of the knickers she was wearing,
And she immediately replied, “Light pink.”
She couldn’t take the cellphone from her ear,
Therefore she lay on the bed on her back.
And she put her feet up on the wall.
She wanted to have phone sex, and we did it.

I was in a complicated marriage for several years.
She didn’t ask me about my marital status.
And I didn’t volunteer to tell her I had a wife.
She cried when she found out about it.
And she became very angry with me.
It was a miracle that she spoke to me afterwards.
But we eventually stopped communicating.
And I can’t tell her how much I miss her.
I do hope her heartache has subsided.
She promised to remember me in the future.
I still love Renae the same way I did before.
She was a sweet teen and I’ll never forget her.