Oh mummy! Where is dad?
I haven't seen him since I was a lad.
Is he overseas? Does he have a job?
My classmates speaks everyday about parks, rivers are seas that they have been to with their dad.
Oh mummy! Where is dad?
My childhood days are over.
How can my dad take me to the mall?
How can he swing me in the swinger at the playground?
Oh mummy! Where is dad!
I am grown now, almost a man.
Is it a dream? Is it for real?
I heard the doorbell rang and I ran to see if it was my dad.
Oh mummy! Where is dad?
I am a man now, considering to get a lad.
Is he dead? Is he locked up?
I read an article in the newspaper and everyone seems to be asking the same question. "Where is dad"?
By: Mark Burrell