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  • " Open Your Eyes "
    Look! Open your eyes. In life you of to compromise, whether liberally or unintentionally another's hand is used to actualise.

    Chit chat, belittling, slandering and degrading may creases his heart, but in his mind he smiles for he knows that the block buildeth the house.
  • " Loved "
    We are loved.
    We want to be loved.
    We try to be loved.
  • " Enslaved "
    The lashes stained deep beneath his melanin, tears incubates, but pours without. Led by chains for he was manly built, intimidating appearance, on his face there weren't a grin.

    The ships came in minutes they were filled, off to the North with gracious wind, many die of hunger, some from lashes, thrown overboard big creatures feasted.
  • " Life "
    Never forget it only comes once as in the beginning.
    Accept it, cherish it, love, care and give glory for it.
    Let it be shone positively in every quantum.
    Be mentors, role modules for the next to follow. ...
  • " We "
    Sometimes we are faced with lives hurdles, it towers so high we never ever take a stride.

    Humbled by the challenges, our goals we compromise.
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