Look! Open your eyes. In life you of to compromise, whether liberally or unintentionally another's hand is used to actualise.

Chit chat, belittling, slandering and degrading may creases his heart, but in his mind he smiles for he knows that the block buildeth the house.

Look! Open your eyes. If the sun doesn't shine the sky would be blind, hence what glitters today may not glow the next minute.

Judgementalist, back stabbers, sheep clothing wolves and haters your time is at hand for the cry of your victim is being heard.

Look! Open your eyes. In life live to make another survive, deny him not of bread to eat, because insanity is worst than death from a gun or a knife.

Why it is the closest or should have been is the one you watches through the corners of your eyes? Puzzling it may seems, but the fact is real for I feel its not a dream.

Look! Open your eyes. Getting back up on his feet showed him who rejoices. The jungle is dense, everyone fended forgetting in the beginning what they had said.

By: Mark Burrell