I Know You Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: A B C D E

I know you are very optimistic about the world outside your mother's crib She awaits your present with lots of hugs kisses and tears of joy when you arriveA
I know you crave for your mother's touch has you poke heavily on her tummy tuck She meant no harmed just the required garments worn to cover upB
I know you alter your thoughts wanting to here his voice He is your Knight that pledges to serve you whenever your battles ariseC
I know you wonder if he is a Grinch or he plays Humpty Dumpty does he sings and tickles you to a grin Definitely not a Grinch he will make you grin oh occasionally he does sing and when Humpty Dumpty is broken he will help you rebuildD
I know it frightens you although according to science your understanding is frail about the inevitable unwanted and the worries your parents faced in life Yes we prayed to the one who shineth the lightE

Mark Burrell
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/11/2019


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