A word so small in length,
Yet so great in context.
A word shedding light
In the mindset of a human being.
How great is you promise!

A word signifying hope.
Hope for a better tomorrow.
Hope for a better lifestyle,
And or a better or diffused situation
Which was unfriendly.

A word signifying inspiration.
A word of great value.

A major cause of destruction;
A destruction of peace!
A destruction of relations!
A destruction of reputations!

In you promise,
Lies deceit, betrayal and torment.
Through you promise,
Yes you, “a word of hope.”
People disguise their true colors.
People break hearts
Yet they vowed to do something.
Thus causing pain!

Behind your context
Lies great suffering and pain.
A two ‘sided-rat’ kind of a word!
Through you promise,
Our hopes are being raised for nothing!
Our hopes are being raised for what?

That sensation of joy and happiness,
Filled in our hearts,
After hearing ‘a promise’ word,
Turns into a terrible nightmare.
The moment a promise is fulfilled not!

The cause of mental breakdown.
An emotional oppressor
Of a word you are!
A peace destroyer!

How can such a great and sweet
Word like you promise,
Be the reason people kill each other?
Yes, be the cause of most the fights
That have spread through out
This world?

Why in you lies so much pain and torment?
Why do people ruin the beautiful
Context in you?
Why misuse the power that lies
Behind you word of hope?
Oh you poor word;
For your beautiful meaning
Has been tainted
By the wicket ways of humankind.

May your great context reign,
Over destruction
That has been done to you!
Oh you word of hope.
Promise! Promise! Promise!

*******the end*******

Poem by Marenyane Mokhethi
Copyrights 21 August 2018
Territory: Cana