It's as deep as the ocean with all it has can stand,
For it is what I have and will continue to have.

Cherished beyond the stars and bold as the sun,
Numerous beheld and for doubt I have non.

Singing the hearts tune for it holds all sides,
With the dreamy horse and many tales its song rides

Its beauty covers what the light touch it may seem,
So does it brighten and open the garden unseen.

Colouring every tip, it paints its stature with wonder,
They say it's far fetched but I beg to differ.

Boundries not possessed neither confined by lands,
Its roots run deep and plenty like the sands.

Shimmers of glitter from a distant they glow,
Traveling hills and valleys so we grow.

Be courageously bold and always be kind with this,
For freely and gracefully we born of this bliss.