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  • Short But Sweet
    When you look at the past
    Many visions pass your mind

    Imagine what you saw last ...
  • Listen If You Can
    What do you want from me?
    Stay away, if not done pretend to see.

    We are different, how much more should I say ...
  • Green Roots
    I know you hear me as I boldly call
    You probably think you hearing something,
    Listen again what you hear is real
    It may be with words or hear me sing ...
  • Hearts Tune
    It's as deep as the ocean with all it has can stand,
    For it is what I have and will continue to have.

    Cherished beyond the stars and bold as the sun, ...
  • Clawed
    Hear these general words
    Take it, swallow it they say,
    Feel the usual bitterness
    I pile for you everyday ...
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Beneath 2 Glimpse 1 Waste 1 Afraid 1 Colour 1 Absolutely 1

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Anonymous : Beautiful poems ☺️

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