I know you hear me as I boldly call
You probably think you hearing something,
Listen again what you hear is real
It may be with words or hear me sing

Not many notice you and the rest
I see you I hear you I also know you,
Dont be scared I also was at first
You understand everything and see well to

I'm glad I see Your'll almost everyday
And I smile at your'll close to every night,
I thank God for what He made me see
This will not be erased and never out of sight

Dont feel shy we from the same creator
Made by the same hands for the same purpose,
It's okay dont be afraid or troubled
I know it's new to your type of surface

But remember I will always recognize your'll
And I wont ever forget what I hear and feel,
I wish many can communicate with you to
Then again they wont know what to do