Larry Levis Sky Poems

  • 1.
    The plaza was so still in that moment two years ago that
    everything was clear,
    As if it had been preserved beneath a kind of lacquered
    stillness, &, for a while,
  • 2.
    Those twenty-six letters filling the blackboard
    Compose the dark, compose
    The illiterate summer sky & its stars as they appear

  • 3.
    I lay my head sideways on the desk,
    My fingers interlocked under my cheekbones,
    My eyes closed. It was a three-room schoolhouse,
    White, with a small bell tower, an oak tree.
  • 4.
    My father once broke a man's hand
    Over the exhaust pipe of a John Deere tractor. The man,
    Ruben Vasquez, wanted to kill his own father
    With a sharpened fruit knife, & he held
  • 5.
    Now that the Summer of Love has become the moss of tunnels
    And the shadowy mouths of tunnels & all the tunnels lead into the city,

    I'm going to put the one largely forgotten, swaying figure of Ediesto Huerta
  • 6.
    My love and I are inventing a country, which we
    can already see taking shape, as if wheels were
    passing through yellow mud. But there is a prob-
    lem: if we put a river in the country, it will thaw
  • 7.
    My youth? I hear it mostly in the long, volleying
    Echoes of billiards in the pool hall where
    I spent it all, extravagantly, believing
    My delicate touch on a cue would last for years.
  • 8.
    Applying to Heavy Equipment School
    I marched farther into the Great Plains
    And refused to come out.
    I threw up a few scaffolds of disinterest.
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