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KathaPollitt: Poem of the Day: Larry Levis, "Elegy with a Darkening Trapeze inside it."

poemakontsa: She glints She is like the screen flickering in an empty movie house far into the night. - Larry Levis, L.A., Loiterings

poemakontsa: I have just been ax-murdered by a Larry Levis beginning of Spring poem on the first glimpse of rhododendrons

poemakontsa: A Larry Levis on writing poetry The Spider even the dark spider shines, tears at its belly and moves sideways a little on its web, swaying, while my hand on this pencil knows nothing, moves back and forth, takes hold of things, is never sorry

poemakontsa: Stunning, moving Larry Levis Signs If there were messages or signs, I might hear now a voice tell me to walk forever, to ask the mold for pardon, and one by one I would hear out my sins, hear they are not important - that I am part of this rain drumming its long fingers

poemakontsa: This Larry Levis, Spring redux! Winter has moved off somewhere, writing its journals in ice. As I write this, some blown rhododendrons are nodding in the first breezes. I want to resemble them, and remember nothing, the way a photograph of an excavation cannot remember the sun

MathiasSvalina: Should have mentioned this is Larry Levis, from his book of stories entitled Black Freckles

JuliePa30846101: Temecula Hiura Samoan Parents Bill of Rights Chark Will Levis Waco Sanderson Jasmyne Roberts Tristan Thompson Reese Witherspoon Blockbuster Swaggerty Larry Johnson Harvard Mandatory Minicamp ApolloKage Goodwin Volpe Poki Agholor Powdered Albert Abreu Jack Nicholson Tiffany

TomSnarsky: I will pass, Larry Levis

sideshow_val: Absolutely devastated by Larry Levis’ poem, Fish: The cop holds me up like a fish; he feels the huge bones surrounding my eyes, and he runs a thumb under them, lifting my eyelids as if they were envelopes filled with the night. Now he turns

minorroarr: Larry Levis 'I am/ part of this rain/ drumming its long fingers, and/ of the roadside stone refusing/ to blink'⚡️

MrSteveEngHenn: Ok then. I wanna play. 1) Paterson 2) Slacker 3) A Late Style of Fire (Larry Levis biodoc) 4) The Empire Strikes Back 5) E.T. (I was a small child & wept profusely at his near-death) I think that is probably all.

minorroarr: Larry Levis 'the face/ Of that water-/ Which will not be troubled by your own'

minorroarr: also: obsessed with Larry Levis today: 'This ash was once a village,/ That snowflake time itself.'

barstoolsports: Will Levis. Effortless cannon.

zkeefer: Young? Stroud? Levis? Richardson? I listened to each QB this morning, then weighed their words w/ everything I know about the Colts' approach, Ballard's tendencies and factors that'll go into the decision. My take on the best (and maybe most likely) fit:

ghazakhetsian: At night I lie still, like Bolivia. My furnaces turn blue. My forests go dark. You are a low range of hills, a Paraguay. Now the clouds cover us both. It is raining and the movie houses are open. Larry Levis, “The Map”

ShannonEliza: —Larry Levis, “Elegy with a Bridle in Its Hand” in Elegy

TheSaintsWire: A new CBS Sports 2-round mock draft has the Saints signing Derek Carr, with Will Levis landing in the NFC South with Carolina:

Larry__Jordan: All I’m saying is Will Levis has things you can’t teach. You can fix decision making. You can’t fix being undersized. Have him sit his first year and learn behind a vet.

CloserToMoon: Larry Levis, American poet, author, and critic (b. 1946) died closer to the moon landing than today

kayleeyjeong: I’m like if larry levis was an annoying asian girl in her twenties

kayleeyjeong: Reading larry levis got me wondering if my son from my second marriage is doing okay


mattwimberley: “I’m right to be alone, in the gift of my One life, listening to songs not made For me” —Larry Levis New Year’s Eve at the Santa Fe Hotel, Fresno, California

poemakontsa: If only we could have held hands, as the straitjacketed mad appear to do! - Poet Larry Levis, Sleeping Lioness, pulling at all of my romantic heart strings with this line like a García Lorca guitarra

invisiblewren: In my studies of Larry Levis' Elegy, I'm going to accidentally become a Rilke scholar... And a Galway Kinnell scholar... And a Gravity's Rainbow scholar.

aliner: The moment of writing is not an escape, however; it is only an insistence, through the imagination, upon human ecstasy, and a reminder that such ecstasy remains as much a birthright in this world as misery remains a condition of it. - Larry Levis

aliner: Larry Levis, from "The World Beneath the Wheel"

aliner: ...nurturing an Eden from which I was already exiling myself. After I had left for good, all I really needed to do was to describe the place exactly as it had been. That I could not do, for that was impossible. And that is where poetry might begin. - Larry Levis on hometowns

aliner: And for years I believed That what went unsaid between us became empty, And pure, like starlight, & that it persisted. I got it alll wrong. I wound up believing in words the way a scientist Believes in carbon, after death. - Larry Levis

TheGlassCitadel: 02/09/2023. Shared "Caravaggio: Swirl & Vortex" by Larry Levis. When dealing with art, poetry, and inspiration as this week I have been, I was reminded of this poem by Larry Levis. I hope it compels you as its intersections do me.

MySportsUpdate: QBs who will attend the NFL Combine: - Bryce Young - CJ Stroud - Will Levis - Anthony Richardson - Hendon Hooker - Max Duggan - Stetson Bennett - Tanner McKee - Tyson Bagent - Malik Cunningham - Jake Haener - Jaren Hall - Aidan O'Connell - Clayton Tune - Dorian Thompson-Robinson

poemakontsa: Thinking out loud to myself: Poet Larry Levis might have written the most beautiful poem on Lorca I've read. A poem on Lorca that refuses to be an elegy, because, Levis says, Lorca would not accept an elegy

poemakontsa: Fresno poet Larry Levis with his motorbike and dog

poemakontsa: Poets you might find strolling through the timeline today: Franz Wright, Larry Levis, the Generation of 27 Miguel Hernández, dead in 42 by the Francoists, Garcia Lorca...

poemakontsa: I am a man resigned as all knots in the throat this morning because of poet Larry Levis

poemakontsa: Poet Larry Levis wrote a very touching poem to Spanish Generation of 27 poet Miguel Hernández. The poem, "For Miguel Hernández in His sleep and in his Sickness: Spring 1942, Madrid", is an elegy to the poet's life and death in a prison under the Francoist regime.

poemakontsa: Good morning with this Larry Levis that you could have found inscribed in the bark of a tree. The Spirit says, you are nothing But you were young, and you had plenty of time: Going west, You were nothing You were snow falling through the ribs Of the dead. You were all I had.

invisiblewren: If I wrote a 2000-2500 word review/essay about Larry Levis' 1991 collection "The Widening Spell of the Leaves" what publications might be interested these days?

poemakontsa: This Larry Levis today a thousand times. Simply because: here we are. Answers and I am the man who watched your knees for months, without making a sound. Your eyes fill with the morning, with the light that is given simply, with no questions. Here we are.

poemakontsa: Goosebumps from this Larry Levis The Secret I have just painted a luminous green moth on the inside of your thighs. We talk, stare into the fire, become unimportant. I go out quietly, Watch the shadows of fish bellies twisting over the bottom There is something I'm not telling

poemakontsa: Larry Levis You make believe winter is not. Winter I will stuff a small rag of its sky into my pocket forever.

poemakontsa: Wound Larry Levis (For a love that lingers like a brawl scar.) I've loved you as a man loves an old wound picked up in a razor fight on a street nobody remembers

fasc1nate: The oldest surviving pair of Levis jeans date back to 1879. Notice the attachments for suspenders, as these predated the widespread use of belts by decades. Read more:

knownwitness: One day it swells up In front of you, the sky, the sunlight on everything, Traffic, kids on surfboards waiting for the next Big set off San Onofre. It’s all still there . . . just There for someone else, not for you. - Larry Levis, Elegy with a Darkening Trapeze Inside It

JohannesGoranss: "I turn forty somewhere, waiting for the jet underneath me to clear its throat of burned starlings." Thought of this early Larry Levis poem again this morning. Must be b/c I'm getting old.

invisiblewren: Why is there no complete poems volume of Larry Levis? Three selected works, even in the newer edition is sorely lacking in certain areas. I also want an introduction/afterword not written by David St. John or Philip Levine--not that there's are bad, I enjoyed both a lot.

adamclaypoet: I have so many questions for Philip Levine about editing/completing Larry Levis’ ELEGY.

seventydys: what is wrong with me Larry Levis, ‘Boy In Video Arcade’

seventydys: I’ve been reading Larry Levis’s ‘Elegy’ for twenty years. That’s what I’m looking for in a book of poetry.

MathiasSvalina: & no tense is as sad as the future’s —Larry Levis

Joan_E_Bauer: Larry Levis | At the Grave of My Guardian Angel: St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans

Larry__Jordan: Just praying the Texans draft anyone other than Bryce Young. CJ Stroud or Will Levis. Please god

JMDReid: “The moment of writing is not an is only an insistence, through the imagination, upon human ecstasy, and a reminder that such ecstasy remains as much a birthright in this world as misery remains a condition of it.” --Larry Levis

TableMusic: “The moment of writing is not an is only an insistence, through the imagination, upon human ecstasy, and a reminder that such ecstasy remains as much a birthright in this world as misery remains a condition of it.”-Larry Levis

MathiasSvalina: Larry Levis, from “A Pool of Light”

aliner: The village slept in the gunmetal of its evening. - Larry Levis, "Gossip in the Village"

aliner: So we are grasped by what we cannot grasp. ― Rilke When I saw my son be born, I thought How loud this world must be to him, how final. - Larry Levis

magistrabeck: I will stuff a small rag of its sky into my pocket forever. -Larry Levis, "Winter"

Marissa_M27: Great article breakdown here from Larry on why teams should still consider Will Levis!

MathiasSvalina: Larry Levis, notes on a napkin

levis_thighs: Woke up at 4:30 PM and immediately had to figure out why the hell my group chat with Minutes and Beanie became my group chat with Larry and Remy.

mvalliant306: "If you can think of the mind as a place continually Visited, a whole city placed behind The eyes, & shining, I can imagine, now, its end— As when the lights go off, one by one, In a hotel at night..." This Larry Levis poem, wow:

poemtoday: Larry Levis and John Montague ...

MathiasSvalina: Larry Levis, the ending of “The Witness.”

MathiasSvalina: Anybody of a pdf of or extra copy of A Condition of the Spirit: The Life and Work of Larry Levis? (Ed. by Christopher Buckley.) I got rid of my copy when I got rid of all my books, & now could really use access to it. Thank you!!

BrianBeattyMPLS: It's a Larry Levis night.

kenyanwalstreet: World’s Top 10 richest people as per Bloomberg Billionaires Index (As of 15 Dec 2022) 1. Bernard Arnault = $172B 2. 2 Elon Musk = $161B 3. Gautam Adani = $125B 4. Bill Gates = $116B 5. Jeff Bezos = $115B 6. Warren Buffett = $108B 7. Larry Ellison = $93.8B 8. Steve Ballmer $90.8B

ohmary11: "The last thing my father did for me Was map a way: he died & so Made death possible. If he could do it, I Will also, someday, be so honored..." from "In the City of Light" by the wildly underrated Larry Levis

PFF_College: Will Levis: 1,030 passing yards against the blitz this season Led all SEC Quarterbacks♨️

lightinkpaint: Could it be then, that every image, as image, has this quality of poignancy and vulnerability since it occurs, and occurs so wholeheartedly, in time?" Larry Levis, Some Notes on Grief and the Image

YoungbloodBilly: A Larry Levis poem I love that popped into my head the other day, from his posthumous collection “Elegy”. “The Oldest Living Thing in L.A.”

crypto_levis: Larry David is a genius, a seer, he knew if all along

CarolineBirdUK: Larry Levis describing his colleague’s ‘lectures on air’… I aspire to be this badass

BarotRick: All the week I have been re-reading the work of Gerald Stern, mourning and celebrating his beautiful poems. I can’t think of a better elegy for him than the elegy he wrote for Larry Levis…

aliner: And for years I believed That what went unsaid between us became empty, And pure, like starlight, & that it persisted. I got it all wrong. I wound up believing in words the way a scientist Believes in carbon, after death. - Larry Levis, from "Winter Stars"

flusteredduck: Elegy with a Chimneysweep Falling Inside It by Larry Patrick Levis

MathiasSvalina: Just sent a packet for my Dreams of Inanimate Things workshop. Poems variously inhabiting object-sentience by Arthur Sze, Stein, Phil Cordelli, Kristen Prevallet, Larry Levis, Harryette Mullen, Ponge, & Sawako Nakayasu Wrkshp is next Sun, & there's space If you want in, holler

burninginblue8: Sometimes I almost believe her soul looks out of the photograph, almost clears the sill Of the eyes & comes near; though it does not ever Move, it holds me while I look at it. But even today, I can’t conceive of a soul Without seeing a woman’s body… - A Letter, by Larry Levis

jwilson1812: Indispensable. (Note to Julia St. John: I knew Larry Levis when he was teaching at Cal State LA.):

MathiasSvalina: Show me a bad cedar waxwing, for example, & I mean A really morally corrupted cedar waxwing, & you'll commend The cage they have reserved for you, resembling heaven. —Larry Levis

ojalart: “I do like to think about my poetry mommas and poppas. Some days it’s Larry Levis and Lynda Hull, other days it’s Toi Derricotte and Yusef Komunyakaa.” Read our interview with Terrance Hayes in issue no. 241.

parisreview: “I do like to think about my poetry mommas and poppas. Some days it’s Larry Levis and Lynda Hull, other days it’s Toi Derricotte and Yusef Komunyakaa.” Read our interview with Terrance Hayes in issue no. 241.

rk70534: GASEELI Larry Levis(1946-1996)

tothismay: larry levis, “elegy”

RClgstreet: Looking forward to being a part of this, celebrating these writers, honoring Larry Levis, & talking with Deb about the treasures of our times working with Larry--

KyleTucker_ATH: The real story of this season seems like it's going to be that Kentucky failed to give Will Levis and a ton of offensive weapons a decent offensive line. That's it. The whole deal.

KyleTucker_ATH: It would be pretty shocking if Levis doesn't have tons of people in his camp now advising him to sit out. That line is an occupational hazard at this point.

KyleTucker_ATH: Will Levis is 8 of 8 for 186 yards on third down tonight and 36 of 44 (81.8%) for 666 yards on third down for the season. That seems pretty good.

alanheathcock: 4 of 5 stars to The Selected Levis by Larry Levis

evchin2: “If I am really / Something ordinary,” the poet Larry Levis writes, “that would be alright.” Our culture doesn’t agree."

Mike__Pont: Larry Levis here is wearing an A2 flight jacket. These are military spec so still being made.

neil_aitken: Episode 379 of The Hermit Poetry Series is up! Today I'm reading "To a Wall of Flame in a Steel Mill, Syracuse, NY 1969" by Larry Levis from The Dollmaker's Ghost (EP Dutton, 1981), winner of the Open Competition for the National Poetry Series.

FriendsOfWriter: The Levis Prize reading period is open until Nov 1st 2022. Larry Levis Post-Graduate Stipends are given to support graduates of the Warren Wilson College MFA Program for Writers who are completing first books. There is a $30 submission fee. Details here:

SaraDHenning: Larry Levis’ “Shiloh” is one heck of a dramatic monologue, spoken from the position of a dead soldier. Wow!

AT_Oxford: Will Levis plays through nasty dislocated finger against Ole Miss - Larry Brown Sports

wildcatnews: LARRY VAUGHT: Will Levis makes no excuses after being less than his best in Ole Miss loss | Your Sports Edge 2021

ITYSLThePoem: Larry Levis, born on this day in 1946

maireadsmst: It's Larry Levis's birthday—the last day of a short month, autumn in the air—as good a time as any to revisit one of the most beautiful poems ever written:

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