Who is Mirza Ghalib

Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan also Known Mirza Ghalib He popularly known by pen name Ghalib and Asad was an Indian poet. His honorific was Dabir-ul-Mulk, Najm-ud-Daula. During his lifetime, the already declining Mughal Empire was eclipsed and displaced by the British East India Company Rule and finally deposed following the defeat of the First Indian War of Independence (Sepoy Mutiny) of 1857; these are described through his work.He wrote in both Urdu and Persian. Although his Persian Divan (body of work) is at least five times longer than his Urdu Divan, his fame rests on his poetry in Urdu. Today, Ghalib remains popular not only in the Indian subcontinent but also among the Hindustani diaspora around the world.

Early life

Mirza Ghalib was born in Kala Maha...
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Mirza Ghalib Poems

  • Rahm Kar Zaalim

  • About My Poems
    I agree, O heart, that my ghazals are not easy to take in.
    When they hear my works, experienced poets

    tell meI should write something easier. ...
  • In Her Every Indication
    Although in her every indication, the aim is something else
    If she shows her affection(with me) , then different suspicion arises

  • No Hope Comes My Way
    No hope comes my way
    No visage shows itself to me

    That death will come one day is definite ...
  • What Cannot Be Said
    There's one who took my heart away.
    But does she own it? I can't say.

    See her as unjust though I may, ...
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Top 10 most used topics by Mirza Ghalib

Heart 11 Life 7 Love 7 Night 7 I Love You 7 Pain 6 World 5 Time 5 Faith 4 Death 4

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Comments about Mirza Ghalib

Bookreviewsasia: "in this edition, the first full translation into english, illustrations from evocative period engravings show us the sights ghalib would have seen"
Wajidaslamkhan: tere waade par jiye hum to ye jaan jhoot jaana ! ki khushi se mar na jaate agar aitibaar hota. it’s false i live in hope of promises made by you; for would not i die of joy if i thought them to be true. ~mirza ghalib ~zua
Yazdani_hashmi: chat gpt attempts urdu poetry. mirza ghalib k andaz may.
Hradoux: "i asked my soul : what is delhi? she replied : the world is the body and delhi its life" mirza asadullah khan ghalib
Tishasaroyan: when mirza ghalib was called for an interview!
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