Unsaid Words Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Not Everyone Can Read Thy mindA
Not Everyone Can Be Enough KindA
Not Everyone Empathizes The UnsaidB
Not Everyone Can Plant Rose's BedB
Not Everyone Can Share Thy SorrowC
Not Everyone Befriend Till TomorrowC
Not Everyone Can Listen Words UnspokenD
Not Everyone Can Heal The BrokenD
Not Everyone Has Grits To FightE
Not Everyone Can Mend Ways RightE
Not Everyone Can Follow Witless CrowdF
Though Everyone Can See Behind Misty CloudF
Not Everyone Can Walk Through Woods DeepG
Though Everyone Can Dream Without SleepG
Not Everyone Returns From Grumble DecliningH
Though Every Cloud Has A Silver LiningH
Not Everyone Is Timid Living FarI
Though Murky Sky Glorifies With Enchanting StarI
Everything I Feel Fierce And UndisguisedJ
Coz Every Dusk Promise to bring a New SunriseK

Kritika Prasad
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/03/2019


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