Unsaid Words

Not Everyone Can Read Thy mind
Not Everyone Can Be Enough Kind
Not Everyone Empathizes The Unsaid
Not Everyone Can Plant Rose's Bed
Not Everyone Can Share Thy Sorrow
Not Everyone Befriend Till Tomorrow
Not Everyone Can Listen Words Unspoken
Not Everyone Can Heal The Broken
Not Everyone Has Grits To Fight
Not Everyone Can Mend Ways Right
Not Everyone Can Follow Witless Crowd
Though Everyone Can See Behind Misty Cloud
Not Everyone Can Walk Through Woods Deep
Though Everyone Can Dream Without Sleep
Not Everyone Returns From Grumble Declining
Though Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
Not Everyone Is Timid Living Far
Though Murky Sky Glorifies With Enchanting Star
Everything I Feel Fierce And Undisguised​
Coz Every Dusk Promise to bring a New Sunrise.

Kritika Prasad
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