In light of what’s going on
With political unrest raising its ugly head
And the world seems to look for justice that’s has gone
Distant from reality pronounced dead
On arrival on the tables of injustice and inequality.

A nation divided torn asunder
Like a cloth ripped and torn into two,
I can feel the presence of unresolved rest go under
To low to come up and go through
The fire but still gets burned.

Where is the love pouring from heart to heart
And from mind to mind
It seems like it’s torn asunder, torn apart
But where is mankind
When we need them the most.

Mankind went to the nearest dope house for that artificial fix
To remove themselves from the pain of reality
While the single mom feeding mouths of six
While trying to hold things down you see…

That’s not the end of the story here
When a young black boy dreams to get out of the ghetto
Away from the rough necks but runs scare with fear
Either get gun down from a trigger happy cop or own kind leaving a mother in sorrow and in tears
And that’s just reported on the local six o’clock news.

That’s still not the end of the story….
When a girl gets snatched up off the streets
Finding them turning tricks for one night of glory
And if they are a good girl they’ll get a special “treat”
To soothe their troubled minds.

That’s still not the end of the story….
A man pushing a cart down the street to find food somewhere
Anywhere as he goes dumpster diving inside
Not finding a dream but a meal that someone can share
To stay alive or die.

That’s not the end of the story….
Where families comes to this country for a fair chance at life
In order to live in peace and not fear
Without all that strife
To hold to what they got even if it is just a dream.

Still not the end of the story…
The common man putting in the hours he need
Working hard all day in order to survive
And it isn’t still enough to feed
Other mouths in the house to feed.

This is not the end of the story…
People dropping like flies
From a pandemic that’s killing folks left and right
Can you hear the love ones cries
Asking God why him why her
Can someone help us please??

In the mist of all that’s going on
While the world wondering if this going to end
In the meantime the song repeats that same song
While others cover their ears from hearing the truth
As society pats you on the head calling you friend.
I have no friends
Just associates wearing a mask of deceit
Trying to fool somebody but in the end
They’re there to beat you down
Calling you everything but a child of a God.
That’s strange that someone won’t believe that God is real
Or discount Him out the picture of reality is seal
With grace and mercy.

What in the world is going on?
The people that looks like me are being killed off one by one
As the ones who supposedly protect and serve
Placing their knees on our black men’s neck
And these thugs got some damn nerves
After help build this country for all people
And so that’s the thanks we get for all this unnecessary drama?
Oh hell no!
That’s still not the end of the story…

14 Feb. 2021