Double Standard Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Get your knee off my neckA
And while you doing injusticeB
While not breathing and in a wreckA
Where justice is not for usC
Never for us but for thoseD
Who are not like meE
Or too blind to seeE
They got their knee on my neckA
While taking our airF
From our bodies because you don t really careF
Because you re not like meE
Or you just only seeE
A black man in a hoodG
Thinking he s up to no goodG
So you stop him and throw him downH
On the groundI
You holler at me then pressJ
Your knee hard body strong and yesJ
You killed me softlyE
Not with a song but murdered you seeE
Setting us back yearsK
With the sweat and tearsL
Going down the drainM
And all there remainsN
Another dead nigger one more timeO
Another one dyingP
While mothers are cryingP
And fathers' hearts turn to stoneQ
And grandparents sitting all aloneQ
Thinking about and asking whyR
The man who supposed to be a leaderS
Is like a man with a white hood the beatenT
The pain master war maker trouble manU
Excusing violence where we standV
While like Nero watching the city burnW
No expression no feeling and his back turnedX
Eyes blinded with no cares at allY
Watching the city fallY
Will this endZ
Or just pretendZ
Nothing matters at allY
While our nation fallsA2
While our nation fallsA2

Kenneth R. Jenkins
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 06/14/2020


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