The Lord Is In Me Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The Lord is in me and the Lord is in youA
As life is hidden in every seedB
So rubble your pride my friendC
And look for Him within youA
When I sit in the heart of His worldD
A million suns blaze with lightE
A burning blue sea spreads across the skyF
Life's turmoil falls quietG
All the stains of suffering wash awayH
Listen to the unstruck bells and drumsI
Love is here plunge into its raptureJ
Rains pour down without waterJ
Rivers are streams of lightE
How could I ever expressK
How blessed I feelL
To revel in such vast ecstasyM
In my own bodyM
This is the musicN
Of soul and soul meetingO
Of the forgetting of all griefP
This is the musicN
That transcends all coming and goingO



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